# Limits

# Rate limits

Your GC Notify service is limited to doing 1,000 API requests per minute.

This limit is calculated on a rolling average basis, per API key type. If you exceed the limit, you will get a 429 error RateLimitError.

# Daily limits

There’s a limit to the number of messages you can send each day:

Service status Type of API key Daily limit
Live Team or live Customized according to your needs
Trial Team 50
Live or trial Test Unlimited

These limits reset at midnight UTC. All team members will receive an email if you reach 80% of your daily limit and if you reach your daily limit.

You can request to go live in settings.

Adjusting your daily limit

The daily limit can be changed if you need. To request a limit increase, contact us (opens new window).

# Phone network limits

If you repeatedly send text messages to the same number the phone networks will block them.

To prevent spamming there is an hourly limit of:

  • 20 messages with the same content to the same recipient
  • 100 messages with any content to the same recipient

Your messages may not be delivered if you exceed these limits and your service may be blocked by phone carriers.