# Testing

There is no test environment for GC Notify. All testing takes place in the production environment.

# Smoke testing

If you need to smoke test your integration with GC Notify on a regular basis, you should use the following smoke test email addresses and phone numbers.

Email address
Phone number

The smoke test email addresses and phone numbers will validate the request and simulate a successful response, but will not send a real message, produce a delivery receipt or persist the notification to the database.

You can use these smoke test numbers and addresses with any type of API key.

You can smoke test all Notify API client functions except:

  • Get the status of one message
  • Get the status of all messages

You cannot use the smoke test email addresses or phone numbers with these functions because they return a fake notification_ID. If you need to test these functions, use a test API key and any other phone number or email.

# Other testing

Use a test API key to do non-smoke testing such as performance or integration testing. You can use any non-smoke testing email addresses or phone numbers. You do not need a specific GC Notify testing account other than your usual account.