# Get started

# Base URL


# Headers

Authorization header

The authorization header is an API key. You must include an authorization header.

The header consists of:

"Authorization": "ApiKey-v1 YOUR-API-KEY"

Your API key follows the format {prefix}-{key_name}-{iss-uuid}-{secret-key-uuid}.

For example, if your API key is ApiKey-v1 gcntfy-my_test_key-26785a09-ab16-4eb0-8407-a37497a57506-3d844edf-8d35-48ac-975b-e847b4f122b0:

  • your API key prefix is ApiKey-v1 gcntfy
  • your API key name is my_test_key
  • your iss (your service ID) is 26785a09-ab16-4eb0-8407-a37497a57506
  • your secret key is 3d844edf-8d35-48ac-975b-e847b4f122b0

When calling the API, you need to include your entire API key in the HTTP header:

"Authorization": "ApiKey-v1 gcntfy-my_test_key-26785a09-ab16-4eb0-8407-a37497a57506-3d844edf-8d35-48ac-975b-e847b4f122b0"

Content header

The content header is application/json:

"Content-Type": "application/json"